Newsletter Module For Consumer Health Education.

Subscribe to our newsletters for the consumer health education program.

This method allows you to participate in the health education program and develop a toolkit at the same time.

It is free to participate and to develop it.




Don't' want to develop a toolkit? That's ok,  the newsletters are a component of the health program, by subscribing to them you will be participating in the consumer health education program, with help.

You will learn to reduce health risk factors such as obesity, unhealthy eating and smoking.


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Develop A  Health Toolkit 


How would you like to:

*Take control of your health

*Improve your present health status

*Succeed with lifestyle changes

*Lose weight

*Eliminate health risk factors

*Quit smoking

*Become an expert in your health

*Keep health care costs down

*Access workplace wellness



Imagine your own personal health care toolkit, developed by you.

You will receive newsletters with step-by-step instructions.

Each newsletter will cover a different aspect of your educational journey.

 Put them together for your own health toolkit.

You will learn to assess your health, perform tests, make changes, prevent disease, keep records and more.

It is Free!

It is private and confidential!

16 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON.

Canada, L1G 4R8



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