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Would it be alright to say, "lose weight, be physically active, quit smoking, eat better and take care of your disease," without giving some direction or insight into how it can be done?

Our health program teaches people to do these things, but it provides the tools to make it happen.

We've made this shopping page for you to access some of the most advanced health tools and products available online.

Products that will improve health, increase vitality, insure better quality of life and prevent disease.

While you are, take advantage of the specials.

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Liquid Nutrition

Get your daily minerals from the source. Packed with ingredients and minerals plucked from plants and the earth itself, Veriuniā„¢ liquid multivitamin and antioxidant formulas offer an all-natural alternative to artificial supplements.

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Set Up Your Personal Health Records

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Shop for tools to manage your health and change a lifestyle habit by removing a specific  avoidable risk factor.

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Ask a medical doctor or nurse.

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The Products and Services

Shop for some of the most innovative medical and home care supplies available online.

With 21st century technology it is possible to  deliver state-of-the-art health and wellness products that are sure to improve overall health and vitality.  

Access tools that are useful before or after medical intervention, tools for use with or without medical supervision. 

Access tools such as:

1-Equipments and supplies for the disabled and physically challenged, enabling them to transform their lives with comfort and ease.

2-Medical and self care supplies for managing health at home before, after, with or without medical intervention.

3-Self monitoring devices to assess health status and identify risk factors will make managing your health at home simpler as you take control.

4-Herbal remedies treat a wide array of ailments and diseases from prostate problems and sexual dysfunction  to

5-Complementary and Alternative Medicine for those who prefer the natural, non-traditional approach to health and longevity. 

These nutritional supplements will boost immune system, prevent diseases and fight infection.

Essential nutrients will assist in meeting dietary requirements that could promote health and wellbeing.

Suffering from back pain? State-of-the-art products like these will allow you to make movements with ease and comfort. It improves flexibility and mobility.


Incontinence Care Products at Northshore Care!
RUSH Energy Product
Ascenta Health Fish Oil

16 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON, Canada L1G 4R8


 Physical Activity

With physical activity tools anyone can achieve the level of physical activity necessary to promote and prevent disease.

Whether it be to lose weight, keep fit, reduce risk factors or for sport health, the state-of -the-art equipments and accessories can make the difference between being healthy and ill.

Physical inactivity is a health risk factor used in our program to teach people how to keep active and be healthy.

Incorporating these physical activity tools with the health education program will prepare you for optimum health.


If you work or do business on the computer this exerciser could be your workplace wellness program.


Shop Wisely 

Shopping can be fun and cheap at this online shopping site. Everything is reduced to fraction of retail costs.

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  Health Risk Factors Resources

Digital Health Record


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