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Your health is online for making health decisions.

This is an online health promotion and information center where you can

*Access 21st century health and health care resources.

* Keep up-to-date with current information in the blog.

* Promote health and prevent diseases.

* Learn to make lifestyle changes to protect your health.

* Access workplace wellness if you work online.


A Gateway

This site is gateway to  health and health care, a place for making health decisions.

The resources assist with health decisions and managing one's health online.

We  focus on global perspectives on health and wellness.

We use the World Health Organization's (WHO) standards so people everywhere can

access to the same level of care.

What's Inside?

Within these pages are current data on disease, disease prevention, treatment and cure.

There is consumer awareness material for making informed decisions.

One can find the latest in self development tools, some of the best lifestyle management products and services.

You will find twenty-first century approaches to online health management, they are among our state-of-the-art resources.

Some of the tools for making health decisions are:

  • Consumer health education
  • Health assessment tools
  • Self-care resources
  • Workplace wellness
  • Referrals to programs


The Program

Our health program prepares people to be expert in their health and to take control.

The program teaches people how to prevent non-communicable diseases ( (NCD's) such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

It prepares the person to make wise decisions that begin at home.

By participating in the program one will learn how to manage health risk factors; they will learn to make decisions that are good for them.

They will self-care at home before the need to see a specialist.

They will  know how to continue health care at home after seeing a specialist.

One can participate:

1-On their own, Click Here 


2-With  help, Click Here


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More about the program.


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  Health Decisions

When making health decisions consider the health risk factors that are present.

We use avoidable risk factors in the consumer health program to educate people.

Those who participate learn to reduce or eliminate them in their lives.

They learn to promote health and prevent NCD's.



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  Health Decisions Online- Oshawa, ON. Canada L1G 4R8


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