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About Us

This is an online health promotion center, a gateway to 21st century health and health care.

The products, services and programs are accessible online for making health decisions at home.

The products are state-of-the-art, reflecting changes in computer and medical technologies.

We support world endeavours to promote health and prevent disease.

We deliver health information to computer users who look to the internet to make informed health decisions.

We believe that the same information should be available to all and that the Internet is a reliable source.

We believe that health care begins at home before the need to see a health professional.

We believe that health care will continue at home after seeing a  medical specialist.

We offer a consumer health education program that prepares people to begin  their health care at home.


Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes may force one to set goals; however fear, anxiety, anger and stress may become hurdles along the way.

You may recovering after a lengthy illness

You may be recovering after surgery

You may have just discovered you are at risk for cancer

Your are overweight and any more may cost you your life

Your cholesterol may be high and you are hypertensive.

The point is you may be at a stage where lifestyle change is necessary to protect your health or save your life.

This website is about you!



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