Consumer Health Education

Learn to manage your health at home with this consumer health education program.

Learn about avoidable risk factors that make us sick.

Become an expert in your own health promotion.

This program focuses on disease prevention, lifestyle change and self care, it uses avoidable health risk factors to teach people how to take care of their health at home.

It is a self -directed consumer health education program.

Individuals can study at their own pace, they can choose to learn with help or they can study on their own.


The health risk factors are covered in the tutorials, where the journey begins, they are: smoking, obesity/overweight, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating and air pollution.

At the end of the journey those who participated will be able to make better health decisions; they will be experts in managing their health.

There will be fewer visits to health professionals as they take control. They will:

      * Live healthier lives

      * Able to prevent diseases

      * Make better recovery should they become ill

      * Share their knowledge with others

      * Their health care costs will be reduced

      * Be better prepared for medical intervention

      * Make speedier recovery should they become ill

The program takes into account that each person is unique and will have different health needs. 

Choose the module that is best suited to your needs for maximum benefits.

Got a medical question for a doctor? You can do so on the right.


This is a statement from World Health Organization(WHO).

" Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes." 

This health education program can prepare people to be expert in their own health, to take control, to prevent disease and to make better recovery from illness.

  Module # 1

With this module you study on your own by navigating through the sites.

Begin with the Health Risk Factor tutorial and follow through at your own pace.

Click Here.

  Module # 2

This is the newsletter method of  study.

A subscription to the newsletters is required. With this method you study with help, but it allows you to develop a personalized  health toolkit for yourself.

Click Here.


 The  Health Decisions Toolbar

Accessing Module # 1 through the toolbar- Download  or install the toolbar onto your browser for links  to the tutorials, guides, workbooks, resources and reference material.

Click Here.

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  Participating In the Program

The cost is $00.00 to study and learn, this includes the tutorials, assignments, instructions and newsletters.

Some of the essential resources to plan, implement and maintain  a health strategy are at cost to you,  some are free.

Individuals are encouraged to do at least one health assessment early in the program. More may be required based on the health status of the person and the number of health risk factors present.

Those in the program are advised to familiarize themselves with the resources to broaden their knowledge base and for consumer awareness.

If you have one or more of the health risk factors mentioned, or if you are struggling with unavoidable ones, this  consumer health education will be especially beneficial.


When do I start?

Now is always best


 Got A Medical Question? 


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