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 Watching TV for more than 2 hours per day has been associated with obesity in children and parents were warned against too much sitting time.

A new study has linked screen time in kids to risk of heart disease. For the study screen time was  represented by 55% of activities spent watching TV, on the computer or playing video games.
The participants were 500 children age 8-10, all caucasian and with at least one biological parent obese.
The participants wore accelerometers to measure physical activity.

They reported time spent watching TV, on the computer or playing video games, for a week.

Food intake was recorded for one weekend day and two week days.

Result- Researchers found low levels of HDL cholesterol to be linked to screen time;  HDL is necessary to protect our health from heart disease and is known as ‘Good Cholesterol.’

Based on the report watching the screen is a greater risk to children’s health than other sedentary activities.

Too much screen time is bad for kids’ hearts: study |

It is recommended that children spend about 60 minutes per day on moderate-vigorous intensity exercise, but most children do not get this level of activity on a regular basis.  Brisk walking and biking are examples of moderate intensity. Running, sports and swimming are vigorous intensity.

Simple activities such as taking the stairs and walking short distances to and from school will go a long way towards improving level of activity.

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