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Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, it is necessary to prevent diabetes, to build strong bones, for teeth health and for general health.

We produce it ourselves through exposure to the sun.

Unfortunately we need a lot more sun than we can get to produce enough vitamin-D for our health.

Due to the harmful effects of the sun we need to protect our health from it.  Actions and products that can do so also prevent us from the exposure necessary to produce vitamin-D.

Certain people are especially vulnerable, they are:
  • People who live in regions where there is not enough sunlight
  • People with dark skin who are naturally protected from sunburn by their pigment
  • People who protect their skin from ultra violet rays and sunburn with sunscreen products

Because of these reasons vitamin-D has to be taken in the diet or by supplements.

Vitamin- D recommended daily supplements
Adults need 400IU per day
Children and teenagers 200IU.

Babies and infants 400IUper day.

Milk is an important source of vitamin D.

Other good sources are: eggs, cheese and liver, salmon, canned tuna and sardines

Some foods such as Infant formula, milk and fruit juice are fortified with vitamin D.

Breast milk does not provide vitamin-D so breastfed babies and infants need to get their daily recommended dose through fortified food or supplements.

Breastfed babies require 400IU of supplement.