Your very first health insurance must be taking control of your health. This does not begin in the medical doctor's office but at home before the symptoms of disease develop.

 For everyone, it begins early in life with maternal health and safety and continues thro
ughout the lifespan.

Believe it or not some lifestyle habits are avoidable and are therefore as a result of choice.

The choice to avoid them or make them part of daily living is the individual's.

The risk factors I'm referring to are: unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, overweight/obesity, smoking and air pollution.

They are the risk factors that cause
non-communicable diseases and premature death.
These health risk factors can control or regulate the unavoidable ones to promote health and prevent disease. Health is about a healthy lifestyle Eliminating risk factors can start as early as with family planning.

 By focusing on their own health parents provide a first health insurance for their offspring. This is when they can insure their children's health and safety.

Taking control means having this first insurance. Reducing or eliminating the risk factors will give one control of their health and any other health insurance that follows.

Taking control has to be a lifelong responsibility which is made easy by developing healthy habits and living  healthy lifestyles.

You can learn about taking this control through the health education program, it is an online consumer program.