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A recent study found  shift workers were at increased risk for  strokes, heart attacks and coronary disease.

The study involved 2 million participants from 34 studies.
The researchers defined a shift worker as anyone who does not hold a traditional day time job, for example:
people who work the evening shift, the night shift, rotating shifts and on calls.
They found  that shift workers had a:
  1. 23 % increased risk for a heart attack
  2. 24 % for coronary disease
  3. 5% for stroke

Working the night shift was linked to a 41% increased risk for coronary disease.

People who work these  hours can learn from the results of this study and be aware of the impact of shift work on their cardiovascular health.

By reducing or eliminating other risk factors that are associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD ), they can take control.

By controlling their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight through healthy eating and regular physical activity they can go a long way to protecting their health.

The medical experts of the study recommend that shift workers be screened regularly, about once a year.

Read about the study.

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