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Give smoking cessation support and encouragement to a family member or friend, it could save their life.
If you or a family member is a smoker, there are reasons to quit. if you or a family has had a stroke attack, there are still reasons to quit.
In a recent study, researchers found that people who are smokers at the time of a stroke attack are 30% more likely to have another stroke.
The study involved 1,500 survivors who had a stroke between 1996 and 1999; they were followed for 10 years. They found that the smokers who had survived the first 28 days after the stroke had a 42% increased risk of another stroke, heart attack or dying.
Even if you were a smoker and quit before a stroke your chances of dying or having another stroke are reduced.

Of the participants who had survived the first 4 weeks; current smokers had a 23% higher risk of another stroke, hear attack or dying within 10 years than previous smokers.
Smoking is a major cause of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart disease, but quitting has health benefits that can last a lifetime.
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