Obesity is a known cause of type 2 diabetes, a  health reason to control weight. Because it was reported that phthalate levels in humans may be associated with obesity, researchers  believed that it may be a risk factor for diabetes.

 A recent study found that phthalate chemicals used in plastics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals have been linked to diabetes.

The chemicals called phthalates metabolites wers linked to an increased risk of the elderly developing type 2 diabetes.

Phatalates are industrial chemicals used to make pastic products more flexible. According to the report, they can easily transfer to air of food.

The study involved 1,016 particpants age 70 years. The researchers measured serum levels for 10 of the chemicals after an over night fast.

After adjusting for sex, high levels of 3  of the chemicals were asssociated with increased diabetes in that age group.
Type 2 diabetes was detected in 114 patients

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