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 There is another good reason for including a healthy diet in family planning. This time researchers linked Omega-3 to healthier babies and  reduced risk for premature delivery.

Omega-3 is present in oily fish and fish oil and is available as a supplement. Omega -3 is also present in some packaged food products that have it as an additive.

 In a double blind clinical trials study done on Omega-3 fatty acids, researchers found that mothers who took the supplement during pregnancy have healthier babies.

The participants were 154 healthy women. During the last half of their pregnancy there were given either:
A daily dose of 600mg of Omega-3
A placebo


There were no adverse effects to taking DHA.
The mothers who took the supplement had babies that weighed more and were longer.
Of the mothers  who took the placebo, 5% had premature births compared to only 0.6% of those who took the supplement.
For the study the researchers took in account:
  • Maternal education
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Smoking
  • Health risk factors   

Pregnant women should contact their doctors to see if they can benefit from the supplement. there may be other factors  to consider.
 Women who are not pregnant and are planning to have a family could make healthy eating a part of their plans; healthy eating includes fish,  fish oils and omega-3 food products.
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