Good nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle, to prevent diseases, to protect health, to promote speedier recovery from illnesses and to boost our immune system.

This tutorial will provide consumers with the basic knowledge required for healthy eating.
It will enable them to make changes and modiy their diet for a healthier eating pattern.

. Green leafy vegetables

Good eating habits need not be expensive, nor healthy meals difficult to prepare.

Quite often; however, nutritious meals are associated with a large grocery bill and lots of time to prepare. This makes eating healthy a challenge to those on a budget or without time.

Healthy eating is not about having plenty to eat either, but about eating the right amount of the right foods.

Healthy eating is not about having a lot of meat in your diet.

 The four food groups for the purpose of healthy eating, in order of importance are:
  1. Vegetables & Fruits
  2. Grain Products
  3. Milk & Milk Alternatives
  4. Meat & Meat Alternatives
* Meat is not as important as 'Vegetables & Fruit'  or 'Grain products.'

 We use Canada Food Guide to teach healthy eating.

 *Salt, sugar and saturated fats are to be limited, they are your enemies.

 *Include fish in your diet- Two servings per week is recommended.

Watch these Videos:

1-Making Healthy Food Choices

2- The Basics of Healthy Eating


 The Healthy Dating Guide.