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Diabetes should not prevent anyone from enjoying the holiday season and attending festive events.


Diabetics can still attend and participate in social events as their non-diabetics friends; they can still enjoy some of their festive favourites. The physical activity is  actually beneficial to their health.


Do not let a busy holiday schedule get in the way of regular diabetes care. These are things to remember:

  • Check your blood sugar on time
  • Take any medication on time
  • Keep any medical appointments
  • Ensure you have the necessary medical supplies and medication on hand

Food is a major part of most celebrations so I am focusing on eating and your health.


Dinner Events

If you are attending dinner parties, prepare ahead of time, know what your daily food requirements are for your age and gender.


Our Healthy Eating Guide is based on Canada Food Guide and is simple to use; it contains your daily food requirements. If you are concerned about information overload, you can use it to work out yours.

Click here to use it.


At The Event

-If you have to bring something, bring a nutritious dish or dessert.

-Avoid overeating-Eat small portions

-Include what you eat in your daily total food intake

-Limit yourself to1 alcoholic drink for women and 2 for men.

-If you have already had one drink for the day, it is wise to stick to mineral water, unsweetened fruit juices and tea.

-Watch out for the bad things, they are mentioned in the guide

-Avoid the gravy,salted stuff, cakes and pies

-Salt-Remember your daily recommended alowance so you don't over do it


Look for the goodies such as fruits, vegetables, unsweetened desserts. Go for lean cuts of meat and whole grain foods.


When Traveling.

 If you are traveling, the Center for Disease Control(CDC) has some medical advice for you,  while you are on the road or in the air.

Click here to read it.

Have a healthy festive holiday !