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You may have heard of our two ages, our biological(real) age and our chronological age.

The risk factors that make us sick  can also make us older than we are, with a significant difference between the two ages.

A study that highlights the difference between biological age and chronological age found the people who look older that their age have a greater risk of developing heart disease.

The study used signs of aging such as receding hairlines at the temples, baldness at the crown of the head, earlobe creases, yellowish fatty deposits around the eyelids, wrinkles and tallying crow's feet.

Participants were 11,000 Danish people and began in 1976; they were 40 years old and over at the start of the study.

Researchers found that the risk of heart disease and heart attacks increased with each additional sign of aging.

When compared with those who had none of the signs of aging, those with 3-4 of the signs had a 57% greater risk for a heart attack and 39% greater risk fo hearrt disease.

Heart disease and heart attacks are non-communicable diseases, their main risk factors are:

By reducing or eliminating these risk factors early in life, one can expect not only to prevent these diseases but  to look and feel younger.