Pyelonephritis is an infection of the kidneys and ureters, the infection can be acute or chronic.

The chances of developing infection of the kidneys and ureters are increased if you have:
  • A history of cystitis
  • A history of kidney stones
  • A history of chronic urinary tract infection

The ones most vulnerable to pyelonephritis are the elderly, and those whose immune system are suppressed. These patients are at increased risk of developing blood infections and shock.

Prevention- If one is prone to urinary tract infections drinking adequate fluids every day will flush the tract and prevent bacteria from developing. Not passing urine frequently enough should be avoided.

Good personal hygiene should be adopted, this includes cleaning the genitals from front to back.  Other preventive measures are:
  • Prompt treatment of bladder infections
  • Taking complete course of antibiotics for urinary infections
  • Good personal hygiene- Cleaning genital area from front to back after bowel movements.
  • Urinating immediately after sexual intercourse

Contact a health professional if you have a history of bladder infections and you suddenly develop a high fever, back pain, severe flank pain or decreased urine.