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Heart disease is a number 1 killer globally, it is a major non-communicable disease and has experts worried because of the number of deaths worldwide.

Heart disease can be prevented by lifestyle choices, choices of what we eat and drink and our level of activity.

According to a heart disease report cholesterol and blood pressure are not the only indicators of our heart health, there are more.

Knowing  the 14 important numbers can protect your health, heart and prevent premature deaths.
The numbers include sugar, alcohol and salt intake, the ones for healthy eating, but there are others such as:
  1. Waist circumference
  2. Body mass index
  3. Resting heart rate
  4. Hours of sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Sex
The article is in slide format, there are 15 slides.

To read about the 14 numbers in more detail, view each slide individually.
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