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A study done at the University of California,found that the biggest impact on alzheimer's disease worldwide is low education.

Researchers believe that education even at a young age can contribute to development of the brain, giving the person the brain power that can be carried on into old age.

According to the study in the USA; however, the risk factor with the greatest impact is physical inactivity. This could be because of the sedentary lifestyle, as 1/3 of the population is sedentary.

The study used a mathematical model to estimate the impact of seven risk factors for the disease, they are:
3-Low education
5-Too little exercise

Smoking had the second greatest impact in the USA followed by hypertension.

The result of this study points to a healthy lifestyle as a preventive measure against developing the disease.

I do believe that education can be a foundation for learning healthy habits from a young age, this can be carried on to developing healthy lifestyles throughout adulthood.