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Christmas is a time for celebrations, parties, shopping and giving gifts, it is also a time when one's health may be taken for granted. Our health may not be a priority due to the excitement of the season; however, there is a way use the excitement for the benefit of  the health of another.

According to research,  people who give experience a feeling of well-being when they give to others. The study was a large one and involved several countries. The result of the study was the same across the board, it was the same no matter the income level, social status, level of freedom  and country.

During illness or when one's health is at risk,  giving for health will be beneficial to both parties.
Gifts of health can be given based on the immediate needs of the person. Gifts can be given whenever the need arises there is no need for another special occasion, health is the occasion.

Gifts can be given in the form of support,  time, encouragement, assistance with getting around, transportation, products, services and financial help.

Giving gifts of health can be given instead of another at special occasions such as:
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Weddings 
  • Anniversaries

Persons requiring lifestyle changes are in need in many ways. They need reassurance and support, not abandonment. They may be struggling to make it work or they may be affected financially.

Those with physical problems may be managing their health for a full recovery.  Give a gift that would make a difference, a gift that will assist with returning to a  normal level of functioning. Give a gift that will assist with daily living.