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Researchers have reported on the health benefits of two controversial drinks, both have been associated with preventing prostate cancer, they are coffee and beer.

 The report was on two separate studies.
1- The first study involved  50,000 men, they were followed  over a 20 year period.   According to the study, the men who consumed coffee had a 60% lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

2-  In the second study, researchers  found that a  compound found in beer called Xanthohumol blocks the pathway that can lead to prostate cancer.

The reports are significant on two counts.  Firstly, it is good news for coffee and beer drinkers who are taking care of their prostates.

Secondly, the two drinks have also been associated with health risks.  Although several studies have linked coffee drinking to certain health benefits, some have not.

Alcohol when used without caution is a risk factor for non-communicable diseases(NCD's), it is one of their major risk factors. NCD's are heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, cancers, COPD's

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